The Calgary Horseshoe Club Centre

Over 18,000 square feet, 20 indoor courts, outdoor pits, commercial kitchen, bar, spectator area, large meeting area and plenty of Free Parking.


Mixed horseshoe leagues are Tuesday 7:00 pm. Be there at 6:30 for scheduling of draws.

Mixed/senior Thursday 1pm. Thursday at 1 pm be there by 12:30.


House horseshoes are available to use.
AHPA sells all shoes for $60 per pair.
A pickup stick can be purchased from Scotty Miller for $5.
If its someone new that is throwing a flip then any shoe will do.
If it is someone with more experience and throwing a turn then either the Elmer Hohl or the Canuck is best.
Outdoor horsehoe pits can be used for Free.

The Pitching Shoe

Pitching shoes are similar to regular horseshoes, with toe and heel caulks. The balance, temper, and hook design are all carefully determined to promote maximum success and for regulation play certain design specifications are carefully followed to in sure fairness in competition.