Ross Stevenson

He was born in 1948 in Ontario and began pitching 40 feet on clay courts at the age of 13. Ross won the Canadian Junior title 5 straight times from 1961 to 1965 and the World’s Junior title in 1965. Interestingly enough, Ross became the first Canadian to win a World title. Some would dispute this because Elmer Hohl from Ontario won the Men’s title that same year, however, Ross pitched and won in the afternoon and Elmer did not pitch until that evening.

Ross moved to Alberta in 1969, quit horseshoes for a few years, but in 1972, after a months’ worth of practice, he won the “B” class title at the World’s Championships in Greenville, Ohio. On the way home to Calgary, he stopped and won the Manitoba Provincial Men’s championship. At the time there was no residency rule, but thanks to the Stevenson Rule, there is now.

Ross’ many accomplishments include induction into the Ontario Horseshoe Pitchers Hall of Fame in 1998, induction into the Alberta Horseshoe Pitchers Association Hall of Fame in 2012, 10-time Alberta Men’s Champion, 5-time Canadian Junior champion, Canadian Men’s champion once and finished second 4 times. Ross was instrumental in the creation of the Western Canada Classic, an event that encompasses the 4 western provinces and won the inaugural title in 1986 and again 3 more times.

He has been a diligent and dedicated advocate for horseshoe pitching, not only in this country, but at the National Horseshoe Pitchers Association in the United States. Ross has held many titles and many roles in the sport and still finds time to lend his support when he can.

Ross was inducted in the AHPA Hall of Fame in 2012.

Don Griffith

Born in Hanna, Alberta in 1931 Don became instrumental in the development of horseshoe pitching in, not only Alberta and Calgary, but across Canada.

In 1980 he became a Vice-President of the Alberta Horseshoe Pitchers Association and continued with the executive until 2003 and was President for more than 10 years. Don helped with the creation of the Western Canada Classic. As far back as 1987 Don was preparing the AHPA for the possibility of hosting the World Horseshoe Pitching Tournament, usually held somewhere in the United States, and he was the president of the Association in 2002, the year the NHPA held the World Tournament in Red Deer, Alberta. Don was intent on exposing horseshoes to the world and was continually active during the World Police/Fire Games in 1997 promoting the sport. His horseshoe pitching activities included being active in several local tournaments in Hawaii during his vacation times.

Not only an avid supporter of the game, but Don was also quite an accomplished pitcher. In 2001 he won the Canadian Senior Men’s 30-foot championship.

Don was inducted into the AHPA Hall of Fame in 2001.

Don passed away in 2004 leaving behind a legacy still evident today.

Marg Lovegrove

Since 1966, Marg has been involved with horseshoes. From the Forest Lawn Night Owls Horseshoe and Curling Club and the 275 Legion all the way up to the Calgary Horseshoe Club in their present building, Marg has been a driving force. Never an ‘A’ pitcher, but always participating to the best of her ability and offering help and guidance where she could.

Marg was one of the founding members of the Calgary Horseshoe Club and she was able to acquire the present site and helped decide on the final design of the building. It is generally acknowledged that Marg was instrumental in getting the Mayor of that era, Ralph Klein, to turn the first sod and dedicate the building.

Once the building was up, Marg ran the kitchen from inside a food truck parked inside the building and once the proper kitchen was up and running she started making her famous pies that pitchers talk about to this day.

Marg held many executive positions within the Calgary Horseshoe Club, secretary and treasurer, and was the Alberta Horseshoe Pitching Association Treasurer from 1995 to 2002.

She was inducted into the AHPA Hall of Fame in 2003.

Jane Cordingley

For 30 years, Jane Cordingley has supported and promoted horseshoe pitching locally, nationally and internationally. She has held many positions within the local clubs and has taken on responsibilities with AHPA and Horseshoe Canada.

As a pitcher, Jane has excelled. She has qualified for the Championship round at the World Horseshoe Pitching Championships four times and has finished as high as 5th (no mean feat, given the level of expertise as that event). She has won the Canadian Championship twice and has been runner-up at many of these tournaments.

The Western Canada Classic tournament has been dominating by Jane, and in one stretch she won 7 years in a row. She is a twelve time Provincial Champion, more than any player on record. She is frequently the winner at the many smaller tournaments around Western Canada.

Jane was inducted into the AHPA Hall of Fame in 2016


The 2022 inductee into the Alberta Horseshoe Pitchers Association Hall of Fame is Mary HolleyMary has been involved in horseshoe pitching since the early 70’s and has held many different positions and functionsShe became Treasurer of the AHPA in 2005 to 2021In the meantime, she took on the role of Treasurer for Horseshoe Canada in 2013 to 2021Finding that she didn’t have enough to do, she took on the position of the Calgary Horseshoe Club Treasurer from 2010 to 2012, took 2013 off, then took over again 2014 to 2021Before Mary became Treasurer for all three levels of horseshoes, she was the Public Relations Director for Horseshoe Canada from 2007 to 2013, and she has taken Game-related sales for AHPA since 2014 as a side project.  Mary goes out of her way to make sure that the financial side of the horseshoe organizations she represents, go smoothly and the trust she has developed over the years make her a great asset to those bodiesWithout Mary’s commitment to horseshoes, many of the organisations would have constant worry and concern about their financial healthHer friendly demeanor and sense of humour make helping her at anything very enjoyablePlease join me in welcoming Mary into the Alberta Horseshoe Pitcher Association Hall of Fame.